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The IEEE SENSORS 2020 will take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands at Beurs-World Trade CenterBeursplein 37, 3011 AA Rotterdam, Netherlands.  

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Getting to Rotterdam

Are you planning a visit to Rotterdam? The city can be reached easily from across the country and abroad. Whether you come by train, bus, car, plane, boat or possibly even by bike, Rotterdam offers excellent connections in and around the city.

Getting to Rotterdam By Plane

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the primary international airport in the Netherlands, is located about 20 kilometres from Amsterdam. Ninety airlines fly to and from Schiphol and have offices at the airport or in Amsterdam. You can reach the city from Schiphol in just half an hour by train, taxi or hotel shuttle.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is situated approximately 20 km south-west of Amsterdam. Schiphol is a national and international airport and handles over 48 million passengers a year traveling to 260 destinations worldwide. Schiphol is Europe’s fifth largest passenger airport.

One-stop shopping Schiphol is also a well-organised airport. The arrival and departure halls are located under the same roof as the shopping centre, Schiphol Plaza. Clear signage guides you easily to your destination. After passing customs, you will reach the shops and bars of Schiphol Plaza. From here you are offered a selection of transportation methods into Amsterdam.

Schiphol Airport to Rotterdam by train

Planning a trip to Rotterdam? The train is a cheap and easy way to get to Rotterdam from Schiphol Airport, taking under half an hour on the fastest services. You won’t need to rent a car or pay an arm and a leg for a taxi transfer to the city!

Whether you’re going to Rotterdam for business or leisure, you’ll be well placed to get to wherever you need to be upon arrival at Rotterdam Centraal station. The station is served by almost all the city’s tram lines and many points of interest are within walking distance. So, ready to book your train? Read on for lots of useful information on travelling from Schiphol Airport to Rotterdam, including ticket prices, train times and FAQs.

Regional airports

Many smaller airlines also fly to regional airports such as Rotterdam or Eindhoven, or airports near the Dutch border. From these, you can travel via public transport or taxi to Amsterdam. To travel to and from Eindhoven airport to Amsterdam you can use the Air Express Bus.

Find more details about transportation to airports on

Transport In Rotterdam

Public transport

Rotterdam has an excellent public transport system, provided by the RET. You can get all over the city by bus, tram and metro. In order to travel by public transport, you will need a valid public transport card, known as the ‘personal OV-chipkaart’.

Public transport cards
There are various types of public transport cards:
– RET Tourist Day Ticket: One day unlimited travel throughout South Holland (bus, tram, metro & waterbus): for sale at RET service shops and service centres, Rotterdam Tourist Information (Coolsingel and Central Station).
– RET 1 day: for sale at RET service shops and service centres, Rotterdam Tourist Information (Coolsingel and Central Station).
– RET 2 hours: for sale and rechargeable at sales desks and reloading machines in metro stations, for sale from bus drivers and tram conductors.

Check the prices of the public transport cardon the RET website.

The metro system lets you travel quickly and easily in Rotterdam and the surrounding areas. There are five lines (routes), each marked with their own letter (A-E), their own colour and with their final destinations. Beurs station is the biggest metro hub, where all the lines intersect. Line E (RandstadRail) connects Rotterdam with The Hague. Travel times: Mon-Sat 05:30-0:15 / Sun 07:30-0:15 (times may vary per route).

Tram lines 8, 7, 21, 23, 21, 23, 24 and 25 all travel through the centre. All trams converge at Central Station, the perfect place to get on the tram. Travel times: Mon-Sat 05:00-0:30 / Sun 07:00-0:30 (times may vary per route).

The RET provides several bus routes which connect the centre with several city districts, neighbourhoods and the greater metropolitan area. Check the RET website for further information about routes and stops.

Getting Around by Transit

By Train

One of the fastest and easiest ways to get to Rotterdam is to travel by train. Intercity trains hailing from every corner of the Netherlands make a stop at Rotterdam Central Station, including the high-speed train. The fastest connection between Amsterdam, Schiphol, Rotterdam and Breda is the NS Intercity Direct. It runs twice per hour. When travelling between Schiphol and Rotterdam, you will have to pay an Intercity Direct surcharge.

When travelling from France and Belgium, you should take the Thalys (it runs ten times per day). When travelling from the United Kingdom, you will arrive direct by Eurostar.

Approximate travel times from various cities, domestic and abroad:

– Amsterdam 40′ Intercity direct
– Schiphol 25′
– Breda 25′
– Antwerp 32′ Thalys
– Brussels 1 h 10′
– Paris 2 h 40′
– Londen 3 h 01′ Eurostar

You can find more information about routes, departure times and prices on (domestic travel), (from and to destinations abroad), (Thalys) and Eurostar.

By water

Want to feel like a true local? Don’t miss the Maas during your visit to Rotterdam.  There are various ways to incorporate the river into your travel plans:

A spectacular experience and a convenient travel option, all rolled into one! The water taxi has about 50 landing stages in Rotterdam. The classic water taxi travels every 15 minutes between Hotel New York and Veerhaven or Leuvehaven and even more frequently on busy days. The water taxi can transport a maximum of 8 people at the same time and a ride starts from € 2.90 (depending on which harbour you’re going to, Leuvehaven or Veerhaven). A child’s ticket starts from € 1.30. The ferry service sails Monday-Thursday 11:00-21:00 and Friday-Sunday 9:00 to midnight.

In addition to the classic HNY water taxis, you can also go to any of the 50 water taxi landing stages to catch the modern water taxis, which traverse the entire area between Kinderdijk and Spijkenisse. The water taxi van be ordered via phone number 010 4030303 or through Ticket prices vary, depending on the number of people on board and the distance that needs to be travelled. On request, transport to outlying towns like Dordrecht or Hook of Holland is also possible. These longer trips are subject to special prices (available upon request). There are water taxis that can accommodate up to 8 people, as well as water taxis that can accommodate up to 12 people. An overview of all the landing stages can be found at

The water bus is a fast ferry service in Rotterdam, which can just as easily be used for commuting between home and work or to have a fun day on the water. This water bus travels daily between several stops: Heijplaat–RDM (e.g. bike tour of the port), Katendrecht (e.g. ss Rotterdam), St. Jobshaven (e.g. Euromast) and Erasmus Bridge. From there, you can transfer to a ferry to the windmills of Kinderdijk and historic Dordrecht. If there is sufficient space, you can bring your bike for free! You can travel with the water bus using your public transport chip-card. Prices depend on the distance you travel. Departure times vary per route. Check the Waterbus website for the up-to-date schedule (Dutch).

In the direct vicinity of Rotterdam, you can also cross the Maas by ferry. The ferry from Maassluis and Rozenburg leaves every 20 minutes. During rush hour, a ferry leaves every 10 minutes. Check the schedule

The Waterbus also provides a ferry service for pedestrians and bikers between Plantagelaan (Kralingen – De Esch) and Piekstraat (Feijenoord). Line 19 is available several times between 07:00-18:52. Check the schedule.

Getting Around by Bike

Want to discover Rotterdam actively? Then get on a bike! Rotterdam has an extensive grid of cycle paths and is a part of the City Region Rotterdam bike junction network. You don’t have a bike at your disposal? Rent one at Fietspoint, located in the Groothandelsgebouw near Central Station, at a price of € 6.50 per day. Or at Zilt aan de Maas, located at Willemsplein (at the foot of Erasmus Bridge, close to the departure point for the Spido boat tours). If you have an NS pass or OV-bike subscription (purchase online and link it to your public transport card), there are several places where you can rent a bike in Rotterdam.

In the city centre, you can park your bike in free bicycle parking facilities at these locations: Binnenrotte, Meent, Coolsingel and Central Station. You can also recharge your electrical bike here. The bike racks at Central Station also include a guarded bicycle parking facility for a small fee.

Would you like to take a guided bike tour through Rotterdam? You can, with Urban Guides and Zilt aan de Maas. Both provide tours offering a wide variety of distances and themes.

Tip: your bike travels for free on the ferry services of the Waterbus and Aqualiner

Visitors From Abroad

International Travel Information

IEEE SENSORS 2020 welcomes visitors from around the world. We have compiled a list of resources to help make your travel and show experience as convenient and successful as possible.

Letter of Invitation

A letter of invitation is provided only after you have completed registration for the conference and paid the conference registration fee. Such a letter may be needed to obtain a visa or permission to attend the meeting. If you require an invitation letter please contact the conference organizers via email. The letter will be provided by email.

The Conference cannot contact or intervene with any Embassy or Consulate office abroad on your behalf so please begin your visa application process as soon as you determine that you wish to attend IEEE SENSORS 2020. Please provide as much information as possible to avoid delays in receiving your letter. You must register for the conference and pay in full before requesting an invitation letter.

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Online Resources

Consult the following on-line sites for more information on Visas:

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