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YP Virtual networking reception - This event is open to ALL

October 26th


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IEEE Young Professionals (YPs).is the group of IEEE members and volunteers who have graduated from their first professional degree within the past 15 years.

Details of the session:

This is a networking session where YPs will get to know each other both technically and socially. Under guidance of a professional MC and supported by a special app, participants will be split into several random groups to allow as close-as-possible to real-life networking in a virtual setting. During the event, the groups will be reshuffled in order to allow you to get to know many colleagues working in the sensor field as possible for future collaborations. Only virtual drinks are provided, so bring your own.

YP Professional Development Program: Patents & Start-ups.

October 27th 


Erik Visscher

Dr. mr. ir. Erik Visscher studied physics at the Delft University of Technology (1992) and obtained a PhD degree in semiconductor physics from the Delft University of Technology (1996). He further studied law at the University of Leiden (graduating cum laude in 2004). Erik joined Vries & Metman in 2007. In the past, he worked as an examiner at the European Patent Office and as a lawyer at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek.

Erik is a reporter of EPO jurisprudence in the field of electronics and telecommunications for Kluwer Patent Law, and is a tutor in patent law and patent policy at the Delft University of Technology for MSc and PhD students.


Ir. Wouter Robers studied electrical engineering and industrial design at Delft University of Technology. He graduated at Philips, where he first came in contact with the world of patents and IP. By now he has more than ten patents to his name and he has fulfilled his boyhood dream of becoming an inventor. Shortly after his studies, he entered the entrepreneurial world when, together with Wouter Smit, he became involved in the founding of Epyon: a Delft start-up active in building quick chargers for electric cars. After the sale of Epyon to ABB, it turned out that entrepreneurship tickles harder than a steady career. Currently he is president of innovation at YES!Delft, the leading tech incubator in Europe.




Dr. Cinzia Silvestri, CEO and co-founder

Bi/ond aims at improving medical treatment of millions of patients by providing innovative hardware solutions for enabling biomedical research, which reflects our natural diversity. Bi/ond was founded to empower biological innovations through the use of engineered microchips. Our intimate working relationship with biologists helped realize the supportive role engineering can play in generating reproducible and accurate biological models. This is how we built a bridge between biology and engineering - through the combination of our in-depth knowledge of microelectronics and experience with biological solutions.


Tibor Casteleijn, product development and co-founder

We believe everyone deserves to work in a healthy building. And we're not the only one, as 69% of millennials would trade work benefits for a better workplace (CBRE, 2017). This makes a healthy building one of the ways to win in the war on talent.

Clairify creates healthy work environments. We measure, make aware, offer smart insights and optimize in real-time. This is how we help you reduce absenteeism, improve wellbeing and increase real estate value. Data-driven, people-oriented.



Vincent Laban, CEO & co-founder

SPEKTRAX was founded in the spring of 2020 with one goal: to help the world deal with virus crises such as the COVID-19 with an innovative, ultra rapid, reliable testing method. SPEKTRAX has applied a radically new technology to make mass and local testing possible. Our test kits will allow for rapid testing (minutes), anywhere in the world, without expensive and time-consuming lab facilities. We aim to make our diagnostics solution available in 2020. Validation & certification processes are currently ongoing.


Program of YP Development Program - IP & Start-ups: how to turn an idea into a successful business




Opening by IEEE YP co-chairs


Dr. mr. ir. Erik Visscher, partner at De Vries & Metman


Ir. Wouter Robers, president of innovation at Yes!Delft


Start-up introductions





Panel session

Virtual coffee table with experts

October 27th 



Before and after the conference on the 27th of October together with WiSe we will organize virtual coffee tables with experts for all your burning questions regarding specific sensors, career advice and for networking.  Pre-registration can be done using the button below:

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